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Peacemaker Jewelry is a small family owned business that

makes fashionable teething necklaces for mothers to wear and

babies to chew. Our pendants are made out of 100% organic

food-grade silicone so they are durable and safe for your child

to chew on.

The idea for our business was conceived about ten months

after our first child was! Being a new mom, I learned quickly

that my baby would grab, pull, tug, and attempt to chew on

any type of jewelry I tried to wear. Wearing jewelry is a luxury

that moms with small children just can't afford...until now! We

attempted to design a necklace made with organic food-grade

silicone so that I could wear something nice and not have to

worry about my baby trying to chew on it.  We have attempted

to design products that truly look like jewelry and are fashionable

for adult women. "Pacifier" comes from a Latin word that literally

means "peacemaker, to make peace." Our pendants are intended to

pacify crying, teething, or nursing children, in addition to making

peace with moms' desire to be able to wear jewelry again.







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